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Food is a way of communication. It unravels the most intricate emotions.

It’s an experiment with the subconscious and reveals an overwhelming euphoria and desire for the unknown”

Meet Nathi

Nathi has been vegan since 2010; a time where veganism was not trendy and didn’t make it into any magazine’s front page. Since then, she has taken her passion for food while crafting mouthwatering recipes that support a healthy lifestyle.


Success Stories

"El plan nutricional con Nathi me ayudo a crear hábitos alimenticios saludables, perder peso y crear una rutina de ejercicio regular. Gracias por todo".

1 Month Nutrition Plan

Flor Quevedo, Lawyer

"She help me to understand about primary foods and how my body reacted towards external agents that caused disease".

6 Month Nutrition Plan

Angie Roberts, Nurse

I was always tired and without energy. After working with Nathi I was able to regain strength. You feel satisfied and it's easy to follow when you have someone to keep you accountable. I would highly recommend her program!

3 Months Nutrition Plan

John Scott, Film Director

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