What would it feel like to live your life with access
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Nathi has helped clients all over the world to achieve their full potential with their health & freeing them from dieting forever.

After being diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia at a very young age and later Hashimoto´s ; Nathi made it her life mission to heal herself adopting a vegan/plant-based lifestyle in 2011 that also included integrative approaches including movement, breathing techniques, nutrition, and social support. After many attempts to find the root cause of her disease; she decided to immerse herself in the art of nutrition & cooking.

Nathi holds a B.S in Biology and Psychology and is currently studying a Master in Medical Nutrition from Arizona State University. Her culinary education as a plant-based chef comes from the Matthew Kenney Academy. She is an avid plant-based advocate and her mission is to empower and inspire through education to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.


With an impressive background in different healing modalities including: plant-based nutrition from Cornell, intuitive eating, integrative medicine, Sports and Child Nutrition from Harvard and Stanford Universities, Nathi has a unique, personable approach, and she continues to prove her skill, knowledge and accessibility.

Work has afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively, working with high-net-worth individuals, athletes, and companies with the aim of guiding them to achieve a lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, and most importantly customized for their benefit. She believes that everyone should be able to achieve exceptional health when one understands their own personal needs and relies on science-based research to create unique programs.


Her company focuses on education from a science-based nutritional perspective with a luxury culinary and lifestyle standard.

While working as a private chef with high profile celebrities she has been able to explore many culinary cultures around the globe and worked with many celebrity chefs including Chloe Coscarelli, Matthew Kenney, Toni Rodriguez, Benjamin Bensoussan. She has worked closely with private charter superyachts, luxury chalets, villas and more.

She has been featured on Yahoo Mujer, Fucsia, Healthy Magazine, Foodable TV, Voyage Magazine, Antidote, Barcelona Food Experience and Bogota Wine & Food Festival.

Chef's Corner

Whether with private clients or companies she devotes her time to understanding each client’s individual needs, looking at their blueprint, and how to maximize their life in a way that is exciting and challenging. Her passion for finding the best ingredients sourced locally and experimenting with them translates into every dish she creates. She redefines classic flavors into something unique yet authentic bringing memories of the past and present alike.

When she is not studying, cooking, or teaching; she enjoys competing in triathlons, traveling to unique places like Iceland, Bikram Yoga, and reading books like ‘Thinking in Bets’!

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