A native Colombian, Nathi currently resides in Barcelona. She began her culinary journey while in college.

Nathi has a B.S. in Biology and Human Psychology and recently completed a Plant-Based Culinary Nutrition program from Cornell University. Her love for nutrition, sports, culinary arts, anthropology, and photography can be credited to her travels to different countries and exposure to other cultures.

In 2011, she adopted a plant-based lifestyle in hopes of transforming her hormonal health through food. This transformative journey has allowed her to work with many private clients and to guide them to achieve a lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, and most importantly customized. Her nutrition and culinary philosophy lies in the understanding that each one of us has different dietary needs and relies on science-based research to create unique programs.

She has vast knowledge in nutrition from Harvard and Stanford University. Additionally, Nathi has worked with chefs all around the world such as celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli, Matthew Kenney, Toni Rodriguez, and Final Table contestant Benjamin Bensoussan. Nathi has been, featured on Yahoo Mujer, Fucsia, Healthy Magazine, Foodable TV, Voyage Magazine, Antidote, and Bogota Wine & Food Festival.

Nathi’s culinary education as a plant-based chef comes from the Matthew Kenney Academy. Previously, she studied gastronomy in her home country Colombia.

When creating new recipes, curating culinary events or dinners; Nathi spends quality hours in her kitchen: sleeves rolled up, music playing, testing, and tasting new and exciting ingredients. Nathi’s passion for finding the best ingredients sourced locally and experimenting with them translates into every dish she creates. She redefines classic flavors into something unique yet authentic bringing memories of the past or creating new ones.

When she is not cooking, creating culinary experiences, teaching or working as a private chef; she enjoys racing in triathlons, traveling, and reading!

Nathi is currently getting her degree in Functional Medicine and a Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition