Metabolic Types Questionnaire

In answering the following questions, choose the answer which best describes how you commonly feel. If you feel that neither of the answers describes your dietary or lifestyle habits – leave the question blank. If you find that both A and B apply, you may circle both.

    My common reaction when indulging in sweet foods and snacks:

    After a tense workout routine, I find myself craving:

    When it comes to snacking, I generally:

    Salting my foods:

    At breakfast time, I tend to choose:

    Because of the way they make me feel, I generally prefer:

    Meals that commonly provide me energy, balance and optimal performance for daily activities are:

    When choosing between meats, I normally go for:

    My general outlook towards food:

    When it comes to eating before bedtime, I tend to:

    I find my sleep is best when:

    I normally wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated and well-rested:

    The list of fish I find most appealing is:

    My body shape is closest to:

    I describe myself as:

    Now, calculate all your circled A answers, and all your circled B answers.

    • If you calculated more A answers than B answers, you are a Protein Type
    • If your number of A and B are equal, you are a Mixed Type
    • If you calculated more B answers than A answers, you are a Carbo Type
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