A private house chef will usually possess a high level of training and experience. Most of the chefs I work with have extensive experience in a range of different national and regional cuisines.  Many are also keen innovators, exploring more experimental and exotic culinary methods of preparing and presenting food.

Private Chef

A private chef usually works for an individual or a family in their residence.  However, they may be expected to prepare food in various locations if the employer is a frequent traveler. Locations may also vary depending on the client’s property portfolio.  Individuals with multiple homes, chalets, yachts, private aircraft, etc. may wish to take their favorite foods with them, and that also means taking the chef!

Take the stress out of entertaining and let one of our chefs do the hard work for you!

Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, corporate event; etc, engage one of our experienced private chefs for a tailored experience.

Our private chefs don’t just work events, either. Looking to permanently add your very own private chef to your household staff? We also provide permanent private chefs for those who want the full luxury experience.

  • Spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your guests
  • Professionally made, restaurant-quality meals

Find you the best client

We are currently accepting Private Chef submissions. Please email your updated CV and include your first and last name, email, phone number and 1 headshot and 3-5 food photos.

*Note photos do not need to be professional but they should be authentic and truthful representations of you and your cuisine.

Contact me to know more about how I can help you bring a culinary experience to the comfort of your home!