Welcome to FREEDOM:Nutrition journey from within.

Join me as I guide you through the steps to learn how to master the 4 pillars of unlimited health and wellness.

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What if we can work together to find what works for your body?
What would it feel like to live your life enjoying food at every stage, without the stress of the new ¨DIE-t¨ that comes along?

My technique is flexible, backed by science & with a hint of nutrition therapy. By utilizing the techniques of Intuitive Eating & Functional Medicine you will free yourself from the yo-yo diet mentality & be at peace with your food choices. Both practices focus on self-care that integrates intuition, emotion & rational thought.

My approach comes from my experience with hundreds of people I have been able to help through the years and the personal trials and tribulations I endured in order to resolve an autoimmune disease and cure the cancer cells that were invading my body at age 24.

Through our course together you will learn how to bring simple and nutritious healing from within.

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Our 1:1 will focus on keeping you right on track of your goals. Health is extremely personal; each of us has a unique blueprint. Together we can get to the root cause of how your body, mind and gut are functioning and hence resolve any underlying causes of disease.

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Success Stories

"El plan nutricional con Nathi me ayudo a crear hábitos alimenticios saludables, perder peso y crear una rutina de ejercicio regular. Gracias por todo".

6 Month Nutrition Plan

Flor Quevedo


"She help me to understand about primary foods and how my body reacted towards external agents that caused disease".

6 Month Nutrition Plan

Angie Roberts


I was always tired and without energy. After working with Nathi I was able to regain strength. You feel satisfied and it's easy to follow when you have someone to keep you accountable. I would highly recommend her program!

6 Months Nutrition Plan

John Scott

Film Director

Success Stories